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Lakes Country Public Library, Lakewood

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February 1 - April 30

Read 5 books & get 2 monopolies to win!
Stop in to get your entry sheet -- and challenge yourself this winter.

Tax Forms:
Jan. 21, 2016

We have the following FEDERAL tax papers:
Instructions: 1040
Forms: 1040A
More forms should be on the way.
We have the following WISCONSIN tax papers:
Instructions: 1, 1A & WI-Z, 1NPR
Forms: 1, 1A, WI-Z, 1NPR, Schedule WD, Rent Certificate
Wisconsin Homestead Credit: H & HEZ (schedules & instructions)

We receive fewer forms and copies from the IRS each year: call 1-800-829-3676
or got to
www.irs.gov to order forms directly from the IRS.

Stop in for books, DVDs, magazines, audiobooks,computer access and wireless internet.


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