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WE HAVE WIRELESS INTERNET                 Nicole Lowery, Director

  • 1981- The need for a local library was identified.
  • 1982 - With assistance from the Nicolet Federated Library System the library was organized.
  • 1982 - In October the Lakes Country Public Library opened the doors to serve the public.
  • 1987 - The rented facility was sold and the library moved to an old converted tavern.
  • 1988 - Plans for the construction of a new facility of 2,290 square feet were finalized. Funding was obtained from the fundraising of the Friends of the Library, the Town of Lakewood, and a Federal LSCA grant.
  • 1989 - The doors opened to the new home of the Lakes Country Public Library.
  • 1996 - An 864 square foot addition was completed to accommodate the increase in library use.
  • 1997 - Joined the shared Outagamie/Waupaca and Nicolet Federated Library Systems Automated system.  A public Internet station was installed with funding from the Nicolet Federated Library System, Wisconsin's Educational Technology Board and the Federal Library Services and Contstruction Act.
  • 1998 - There was a dramatic increase in the sharing of materials with other libraries. Courier delivery service increased from once to three times per week.  The meeting room is being used by many local organizations.
  • 1999 - A T-1 telecommunications line was installed.  Three additional Internet stations were added.  Courier delivery service increased to five times per week.
  • 2014 - Fiber optic cable is run to the library, increasing the number of patrons who can use the internet at high speeds.
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